There’s always more room when we dare to pursue the remarkable.

More Than Possible is not a building project. The bricks and mortar are simply our means of achieving a greater goal – remarkable lives creating remarkable communities. Supporting your dreams means removing limitations (yours and ours), writing down a plan, and assisting each other as we work to achieve our goals. Pursuing and building the remarkable means that Impact’s rooms will bring the unsafe to safety, the guarded to freedom, the unspoken to voice, the unseen to light, and the ordinary to extraordinary.

How the Impact Community Pursues Remarkable…

We can always make room.

With God, we never run out of resources to be and do every single thing that God calls us to be and do. Every single thing we create ought to support, make room, to fulfill our destinies.


An inclusive gathering of people committed to holistic salvation and doing Christ’s work in the world

To transform lives and communities as we make an impact in our world

2323 Sylvan Road
East Point, GA 30344
Sunday Worship Times:
8am, 10am, 12pm