More Than Possible is the next step on Impact Church’s journey.

For 10 years, this community has been Doing Church Differently™, watching God accomplish remarkable things in our individual and collective lives. With MTP we will expand our local, national and global impact as we connect to pursue and build environments that make room for all of our dreams to become reality. More Than Possible better positions us to offer holistic salvation to more children, youth and adults so that we all may continue to grow spiritually, emotionally, educationally and professionally.

Why roll out another campaign so soon after the last one?

In our wildest imagination, we never dreamed that God would bless Impact with such phenomenal growth so soon after moving into Impact on Sylvan. Weekly attendance has increased from approximately 1,400 to 2,300 – and we always want to respond to what God is doing in the lives of God’s people.

Actually, I Share … We Impact was not our latest campaign. During the summer of 2016, we came together to purchase three vans to transport student to our campus for worship and other community events. In 2015, we had another successful capital campaign for our children, NxT-G. Always growing is a blessing that can seem risky. Yet it reminds us of the church’s beginning in the book of Acts that records how God added daily to their numbers. God is moving in similar ways with Impact Church; we are committed to following wherever God sends us.

That's a lot of money and may be a challenge at the moment.

Yes, the amount is large and challenging. As Impact’s leadership team added up the numbers, we all paused at the scope of this project. Yet even more compelling for us is the testimony we have for God always being present and allowing provision for all parts of our journey to date. We are confident that this project is our best and preferred option.

Please know that we’ve completed our due diligence, already investing hundreds of hours exploring options and talking to experts to make sure that we are excellent stewards with what God has entrusted to us – both the vision and the provision to achieve it.

I don’t have the money to contribute like I did before; this is a lot to ask of me so soon.

Please be assured that all financial investments of any size are highly valued by Impact, Pastor Olu and our leaders. We know that everyone cannot continually give at high levels. We’ve never asked anyone to give more than what they had available to share. Simply, we just need everyone to be willing to participate.


More Than Possible will raise $10 million over two (2) years toward a $15 million project. Impact donors are investing in making room for God to smash the status quo, doing the remarkable in our lives and within our communities.


We would like to thank you for taking the time to consider how you will support More Than Possible. You are important to all of us. We are grateful for your generosity, for placing a stake in Impact’s today, tomorrow and future.


An inclusive gathering of people committed to holistic salvation and doing Christ’s work in the world

To transform lives and communities as we make an impact in our world

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